About Us

The Next Chapter

 Liberty Bell Athletics assumed operations of the Harleysville, PA Landmark and Multi-Sport Training Facility, Montco Gym, in June of 2019.  Louis Bradley Davis acquired full membership interest in the Pennsylvania, L.L.C. of which he was a founder. It has been a local favorite and a pillar of the community since 2005. 

Old Friends on a New Journey

We are still the Home of our Strategic Partner CAL Sports Academy, Dr. Drill’s Boot Camp, LoJo’s Vault Assault, and now Grounded Aerial as well as Steel City Ninja.  A new course has been charted and we’ve set sail under New Ownership. The Restructured Management Team and Reinvigorated Staff are filled with a renewed sense of purpose. We are committed to see that longtime patrons can comfortably return. We are ready to welcome new and prospective patrons as they discover what Liberty means to them.   

The Revolution is Calling

  Spread the word, The Bell has sounded; it’s in honor of community and an invitation to you. Join us in writing the next chapter On Liberty, a navigational map of sorts, proclaiming our commitment to create, sustain, and teach each other in symbiotic fashion - how a vibrant, yet thoughtfully crafted ecosystem, designed to nourish the body and mind for the highest levels of overall well-being, in the vigorous pursuit of Individuality - is the way in which a community is strengthened from within. 

The Pursuit of Individual Liberty oxygenates the circulatory system of an ever-flourishing community. In turn, a thriving community best serves itself with a well-preserved ecosystem. Follow the sound of this ring - set your sights On Liberty.